Sweet Tooth.

Things are getting out of control. No, really. I can't even get through half the day without sweets. Just today, I've had coffee ice cream, a chocolate peppermint stick, some vanilla frozen yogurt and now I am eating Mike and Ikes. This is SO BAD. I don't eat them in huge quantities, but it's not even getting fat I'm worried about. I am totally going to get 15,000 cavities. That shit is inevitable. Maybe my intense need for sugary sweets is because I am so fucking stressed out. School is sucking majorly and now I have to think about next semester's courses (which everything is already appearing to go horribly wrong with) and thinking about how the fuck i am going to find a place to live off-campus next year. Um, why can't ONE thing be easy? Just one. I am going to eat candy until I barf. You'd think that since I'm 21 now, I would constantly want alcohol, but CANDY CANDY CANDY is what my innermost heart desires. And for everything to work out, for Joel to be able to find a marvelous job in the dirty jerz and move here and - gosh darn it. Life is too tough. I need a hug, Joel. :(


twenty one

i am 21! it is underwhelming thus far, but i think that is just because i have been swimming in a sea of reading and paper assignments. last night, i experienced my first legal glass of white wine and it was a watershed moment in my life. this weekend was valentine's daaaaaay weekend, joel and i saw friday the 13th and played arcade games (he kicked my ass in air hockey) and i drank soda for the first time in a month (god damn you, joel!) - saturday i made beautiful heart-shaped pink pancakes and joel and i ate breakfast in bed. then i forced him to traipse across the city with me to an italian bakery with the sole purpose of getting tiramisu, which joel ended up hating. the next dessert experiment will be italian cheesecake.


this weekend should be the real celebration of mon anniversaire - joel's coming to the dirty jerz on thursday night and we are going to hit up the town! i will drink beer and wine in every bar princeton has to offer! i want to go to this little authentic mexican place my mom told me about - joel, can we get some coronas and eat delicious burritos? AY AY AY.

i want a pair of black jeans.



Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I want to punch everyone. I fucking hate living here. Every night it takes me forever to fall asleep because people are constantly slamming doors, so I have to wear headphones and turn my fan up all the way. Then I wake up at least 5 times every single night because of the doors. Fucking awesome. So last night I had a horrible night's sleep, I kept having nightmares. And so I decide today to lay down after my class and take a nap, which is something I NEVER do. And the fucking second I start to fall asleep the fucking animals downstairs start BLASTING their shitty fucking commercialized bass-thumping rap music. I fucking can not stand living here. I can not stand it. I want to go downstairs and raise hell. I hate everyone. I'm going to the gym. If this music is playing when I get back, I am going to unleash fury.



Why are some beverages so darn delicious? I could totally go for a strawberry smoothie right now.


Or an almond milk bubble tea.


Or a chai milkshake.
(There are no good pictures of this, but there is this place called Port City Java that as far as I know only exists in Basking Ridge in the YMCA and their chai milkshakes are indescribably delicious. I used to leave school every afternoon senior year and get one. Probably not a good idea, because they're totally horrible for you. BUT WHATEVER. INDULGE.)

I can't wait for hot weather, because I am totally going to be drinking a whole lot of these:

hell yes, blue raz slurpee! you rock my world!


When it gets warm out, I want to go to a state park and go hiking.


This one has trails, an Audubon Society Nature Center and a Powhatan Indian Museum!

Over the summer, I want to go to Hacklebarney State Park, because they have waterfalls!


Still sick.

Pardon me, I'm a little hoarse.


Really though. I've almost entirely lost my voice. Things are not looking good. I feel so trapped right now, having been in my room basically the entire weekend. I hate not doing anything all day. I feel so lethargic and lazy. If I don't feel better tomorrow, I am going to be PISSED. And then I will go to the health center - even though they never do anything except interrogate you.

I want a cute umbrella like this:



this is the cutest thing i have ever seen in my life.


matryoshka dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want so many.


My taxes have been SLAYED and electronically filed.
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I am apparently getting $445 this year, which makes me really happy. I should probably save it, since my savings account is, um, empty.
Having a cold is the pits. I am bored and kind of want to rent a movie I've never seen, but the only Blockbuster remotely close to my school has the worst selection of all time. Seriously. They don't even have a horror section. What IS that? I have the bored munchies, which is usually typical for me when I'm totally sedentary and watching copious amounts of TV. I'm really in the mood for those little conversation hearts. Or a cheeseburger. Or a mint chocolate chip milkshake.


Instead I will be sensible. Tonight I shall read and perhaps start a paper and watch
The Darjeeling Limited, cause Joel put it on my external hard drive. :)



- Living in a dormitory. Yesterday, I saw ants in the kitchen. I am so sick of the sound of slamming doors. But really, the thing that is pissing me off the most right now is how completely fucked up their system of heating is. They will blast the god damn heat when it is 40 degrees out, so that my room is literally a sauna and I have to open my window all the way and put my fan on. Yet now, when it is TWELVE GOD DAMN DEGREES OUT, the heat is not on. My window is closed, I am in sweatpants and a sweatshirt and I am literally freezing. Fuck you, Rider. GET YOUR SHIT STRAIGHT.

- Also, right now I have E! on in the background and they are reporting on Anna Nicole Smith's life because it is the 2 year anniversary of her death. They're doing a whole god damn weeklong special on this. What contribution did Anna Nicole Smith ever make to American society, other than marrying a 90 year old, having an embarrassing TV show, using Trimspa and being a complete trainwreck whore? Really.


- Scholarships. I'm applying for two scholarships this spring and if I manage to scoop both - which I highly doubt, because I've learned to hope for the best but expect the worst - I will get $6,000 towards my senior year tuition. Yipee!

- Hot French Vanilla Hot Chocolate: You are better than hot chocolate and don't let anyone tell you differently.

- Alouette Creamy Spreadable Brie (The Herbs Version)

This shit is DELICIOUS.

- Dried Cherries:

Why has it taken me so long to truly embrace dried fruit? These are as delicious, if not more so, than raisins. And, um, I love raisins.

- To-Do Lists: It makes me feel so accomplished to check things off!

- V8 Fusion Peach Mango Fruit/Vegetable Juice

- OPI by Sephora Nail Polish: YES YES YES YES. I love nail polish. And Sephora. Except it smells like four thousand different perfumes and makes me gag.

Need, Want, Must Have:

"How Cute is That?"

"Queen of Everything"

"Caffeine Fix"

"I'm With Brad"

"Rumor Has It"

"Run With It!"

"Nonfat Soy Half Caff"

God, can someone just buy me all of these?

I feel hopeless and utterly melancholy.

hey, blue

I need to get back into listening to Joni Mitchell, I've been neglecting her on my Itunes recently.
Sorry, girl, you know you're my perpetual fave.

I've cleared myself, I've sacrificed my blues.
And you could complete me, I'd complete you.


Celebs + Carbs

HA! Thank you, Jezebel.com. Really though, how good is challah bread? My old friend's mom used to make it as french toast. Incredible.

Tex Mex

Oh, Tex-Mex chain restaurants, how I love thee! Does this make me declasse? (How do I make an accent aigu in a blog?!) Tonight I will nourish my sick body with deliciously overpriced fajitas and tortilla chips and guacamole. Mmmmmm. One time, around last Halloween, my friend Eliana and I decided to have "Mexican night" and go here for dinner - and follow it up with a bottle of Jose Cuervo. At the restaurant, we told the waiter we were under 21 and then proceeded to demand alcohol nonetheless. It worked. Weird. How illegal. Fajitas are even more delicious with Corona Light. Um, also... there was this really good Mexican restaurant in Fenway Park called El Pelon. It was in a strip of other really delicious looking restaurants that Joel and I had decided that we were going to visit. We had 2 out of about 5 down and then came the glitch in our plan: the whole god damn place burned down. Quel dommage! Joel, we need a new restaurant strip to aspire to dining at. Preferably one with a sushi place.
Let me bitch. I am so sick. My stomach no longer hurts. Now I have a terrible cold. I am dizzy, weak, my throat hurts and my nose is perpetually stuffy AND runny. DAMN YOU, JOEL! I really had to expect this though. I haven't been sick all winter, I had to go out with a bang. So, since I'm so weak and sick and since it is 23 degrees outside (yet feels like 13, apparently) there is no way in hell that I am walking 15 minutes across campus to the dining hall to eat lunch. I am sequestering my sick self in my room and surviving on applesauce, protein bars and chai tea mix. Tonight, Jim Longo is taking me out to dinner, which sucks because I can barely talk and that's typically what we do over dinner, besides eat... uh, duh. Okay, clearly my brain is on the fritz. Three hours of class is upon me. I want chicken fajitas. Airborne is bullshit.


Lily Allen

is playing a mini-tour in April AND I MUST GO SEE HER.

I hope she's not as shitty live as I've heard she is!

I don't care, I love her.


Oh, if you only knew

my undying love for Tiramisu.

I am so excited for Valentine's Day, because I get to make Joel a delicious breakfast in bed (which I which I could elaborate on, but he is the only person who even reads this thing). And then we are going to see Friday the 13th and eat a gigantic bucket of movie popcorn! And then we are going to make a lovely dinner together! And then we are going to the North End to get tiramisu from famous Mike's Pastry Shop! Joel, how have you never had tiramisu? YOU HAVE NOT LIVED. God, we are a food-crazy couple.

In other news, I feel absolutely horrible. My stomach virus has been replaced by some sort of demon-cold/stomach bug hybrid and I can barely stand without feeling like I'm going to pass out. It has been snowing all day and I am going to kick the shit out of Phuxatawney Phil for foreshadowing six more weeks of winter. SIX MORE WEEKS? WHY! Damn it, Phil. Tonight, I am going to make myself some microwave popcorn and watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Because I love that movie. And carbs. Although, this would be far more satisfying:

Waaaaah, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.


I want this, now.



I seem to have come down with a sort of stomach flu. It's been almost 48 hours of excrutiating pain, so hopefully it will be over soon. I'm thinking of laying off dairy products for a while, or just cutting back on them. I'm also thinking that I have the most sensitive stomach and digestive system ever. In other news, it's 50 degrees out which is a sick, sick tease because it's going to be freezing again tomorrow. God, fuck my life. I have three hours of class to go to. I look like a zombie crust punk. I need ginger ale. I'm miserable.