I say I've got my best shoes on; I'm ready to go.

I am constantly thinking about the future. Whether I am occupying my mind with thoughts of what to do this weekend, this Christmas or this summer, I am always fixated on the future. Right now, I am becoming obsessed with the thought of moving out of my house and getting an apartment. I am so sick of living with four people. I can't stand it. I just want a little place with my own things. I don't know how all of this will work out, but I want to move in the spring or summer, depending on if/where I get into a grad school program. In any case, I'm not living in this house again after this year and hopefully Dave and I will be able to get a place. Money is always the ultimate issue, though, which is unfortunate. I have decided that I am going to sporadically purchase housewares, so that when I do get a place, I will have some things to put in it as opposed to having to go out and buy all new things. I really want to make a record clock. Take me seriously.

Look at how fun this Dali record clock is! HA!

I also haven't had dinner with Dave in a while - well, I haven't MADE dinner in a while; we've just been eating out which is getting really god damn costly. I think Friday I am going to make these Southwest Pinto Bean Burgers:

Apparently I should make them ahead of time and refrigerate/freeze them, which is fine by me because that's less work to do on Friday night at Dave's house.

I also want to fucking buy everything. It's such a problem. I need to sell some of my clothes or something, because I have no room for any more.

I think I may truly, madly, deeply love this coat. I'm torn between this and the red one. I can't afford either, but you better believe I'm getting one.

And I'm obsessed with these too:

Maybe I can find a cheap pair of a similar style at Payless or Wal-mart or something and then buy red laces.



It's time for winter coat shopping. Okay, no it's not. Not really at all, because it is still about 70-80 degrees out, I have no money to be spending on a coat, and I have many other more pressing matters I should be tending to - PERSONAL STATEMENTS, AAAAAGH! But I'm going to Iceland on Thursday and it will be in the 50s and 40s and this just makes me yearn for a new winter coat. I've had the same one for two winters and all the buttons keep falling off and I'm tired of replacing them and I'm just over it. So, a girl can dream, right?

To paraphrase Jess Perry, this coat was literally made for me.

Coat #2
Coat #3
Coat #4



World's hugest human being. Still trying to be healthy, but labor day weekend kicked my ass so hard. It's whatever.

In other news, I have a new blog obsession, I have a new car, I have taken the GREs and I am going to Iceland in eight days. WHAT?!

I need to make these:

Chocolate Orange Cardamom Espresso Cookies

Grilled Summer Lasagna

Pumpkin Ricotta Cheese Pancakes

And, HARK, another way to use my organic $12 cardamom - AND greek yogurt, which I have made a commitment to enjoying and eating instead of light and fit.
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cardamom
  • 1 C non-fat Greek yogurt
  • 4 ripe peaches, peeled
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • 1/2 bottle Zinfandel
  • 1/2 C sugar (1/4 splenda, 1/4 real sugar)

Mix the cardamom into the yogurt and refrigerate until you are ready to serve.

Toss the peaches with the lemon juice so they won't oxidize. Put the Zinfandel and sugar into a stainless steel pot over medium heat and bring it to a simmer. Add the peaches and simmer for about 15 minutes, covered. Remove the peaches and reduce the Zinfandel by about half, down to light syrup. Spoon the sauce over the peaches and serve with the yogurt.

I'm sure this would be awesome with pears, also. And since they're in season that is what I'm inclined to substitute.


Really? REALLY?

I ate the world yesterday. Stress-eating. The worst. I also bought a pack of cigarettes for the first time in a week. Yesterday was one of those days that everything went wrong. And today seems like it's going to be one of those days also. I got my period this morning and have been in excruciating pain since I arrived at work. I have the GRE in five hours. Can I just take the exam from the restroom, please? I want to drown my sorrows in an entire bottle of wine. I just can't. I really just can't.

I mean, on the bright side (there isn't one, but whatever), Jezebel posted about small-breasted women yesterday - I swear they were reading my mind - and now I have more sites to look at for a new bra. Or six.


Crawling in my skin.

What is my body?! NO, REALLY. Why do I feel that I am such a pudgy slob kebab, yet my breasts are so small that I can barely fill up an A cup and I can't find bras anywhere. Most stores don't even make bras in A, except for fucking training bras at Limited Too - does that store still exist, even? And Victoria's Secret is crappy quality. I found a website specializing in petite lingerie (LulaLu) which is awesome and they have a nice selection, but I'm hesitant about purchasing something like lingerie online.

On the pudgy note, I'm doing pretty well for day four of Operation Slimdown: Reykjavik, except I didn't go to the gym yesterday (I actually wasn't even home until after it closed, so I don't feel SO guilty).

Here's what I ate:
- iced coffee w/ a splash of skim milk and Splenda
- an egg white/swiss cheese breakfast sandwich from Subway
- a gigantic salad of greens, baby carrots, onions and black olives from Shop Rite with only red wine vinegar, salt and pepper (this shit was so expensive!)
- 1/2-2/3 C trail mix
- light whole wheat English Muffin with 1 T peanut butter and small sliced Red Delicious apple
- a grande Coffee Frappuccino Light
- two Pretzel Bitz that I stole from Brittney
- 2 oz turkey breast

Total: about 1400-1500
Exercise: none, except for walking around Freehold Mall. FUCK MY LIFE.