Crawling in my skin.

What is my body?! NO, REALLY. Why do I feel that I am such a pudgy slob kebab, yet my breasts are so small that I can barely fill up an A cup and I can't find bras anywhere. Most stores don't even make bras in A, except for fucking training bras at Limited Too - does that store still exist, even? And Victoria's Secret is crappy quality. I found a website specializing in petite lingerie (LulaLu) which is awesome and they have a nice selection, but I'm hesitant about purchasing something like lingerie online.

On the pudgy note, I'm doing pretty well for day four of Operation Slimdown: Reykjavik, except I didn't go to the gym yesterday (I actually wasn't even home until after it closed, so I don't feel SO guilty).

Here's what I ate:
- iced coffee w/ a splash of skim milk and Splenda
- an egg white/swiss cheese breakfast sandwich from Subway
- a gigantic salad of greens, baby carrots, onions and black olives from Shop Rite with only red wine vinegar, salt and pepper (this shit was so expensive!)
- 1/2-2/3 C trail mix
- light whole wheat English Muffin with 1 T peanut butter and small sliced Red Delicious apple
- a grande Coffee Frappuccino Light
- two Pretzel Bitz that I stole from Brittney
- 2 oz turkey breast

Total: about 1400-1500
Exercise: none, except for walking around Freehold Mall. FUCK MY LIFE.

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