I say I've got my best shoes on; I'm ready to go.

I am constantly thinking about the future. Whether I am occupying my mind with thoughts of what to do this weekend, this Christmas or this summer, I am always fixated on the future. Right now, I am becoming obsessed with the thought of moving out of my house and getting an apartment. I am so sick of living with four people. I can't stand it. I just want a little place with my own things. I don't know how all of this will work out, but I want to move in the spring or summer, depending on if/where I get into a grad school program. In any case, I'm not living in this house again after this year and hopefully Dave and I will be able to get a place. Money is always the ultimate issue, though, which is unfortunate. I have decided that I am going to sporadically purchase housewares, so that when I do get a place, I will have some things to put in it as opposed to having to go out and buy all new things. I really want to make a record clock. Take me seriously.

Look at how fun this Dali record clock is! HA!

I also haven't had dinner with Dave in a while - well, I haven't MADE dinner in a while; we've just been eating out which is getting really god damn costly. I think Friday I am going to make these Southwest Pinto Bean Burgers:

Apparently I should make them ahead of time and refrigerate/freeze them, which is fine by me because that's less work to do on Friday night at Dave's house.

I also want to fucking buy everything. It's such a problem. I need to sell some of my clothes or something, because I have no room for any more.

I think I may truly, madly, deeply love this coat. I'm torn between this and the red one. I can't afford either, but you better believe I'm getting one.

And I'm obsessed with these too:

Maybe I can find a cheap pair of a similar style at Payless or Wal-mart or something and then buy red laces.

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