Autumn Cleaning.

I should have probably done this months and months ago, but I need to get rid of some clothes/shoes. Really, I have too much and I just keep buying things, so I need to take the advice of all those women's magazines and get rid of what I haven't worn in 6 months. I already have a big bag of shit I don't want and just off the top of my head I can think of at least half a dozen other things I could get rid of - like two pairs of jeans, slacks, denim mini-dress, leopard shoes... etc. Too much! And as much as I love charity, I want money. So next week I'm going to go to that place Plato's Closet and sell all my shit. I probably won't make that much money, but hey $20 is better than nothing.

I feel like Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde right now (a movie I've never seen, which is blasphemous, but whatever) for the sole reason that I am wearing a tan beret. I feel like I look good today, but I feel absolutely horrible. I am almost positive my thyroid is the culprit for how shitty I am feeling from head to toe. I googled Hypothyroidism for symptoms and the like (I know, Web MD is dangerous, but it had to be done!) and apparently you're not supposed to take the medicine with anything else, like vitamins or supplements. Well, what the fuck. Either I really don't pay attention at the doctor or NO ONE TOLD ME THAT, because I've been taking it with CLA metabolism supplements and more recently with pain relievers, Vitamin C and a multivitamin. Well, shit. I can barely walk because of the joint pain/stiffness, so thank god I am getting blood drawn today. I hope the results get in quickly and if it IS my thyroid, my dose gets adjusted and if it's not... then fuck. I don't know. Then I should probably buy a pregnancy test.


Pork. And stuff.

I'm hungry. I'm tired. My whole body is rebelling against me. I think my thyroid has up and quit me again, because my entire body, from head to toe, is in excruciating and unceasing pain. NO REALLY. I sneeze or drive over a speed bump and a spasm of pain shoots through me from head to toe. I should probably get bloodwork done tomorrow. I am trying not to get a cold, as Snowbirds has a show this weekend and I would like to actually be able to sing. But everybody is getting sick. Two people I live with are sick. I have a poor immune system, as is. Also, my period is late, which could be a result of a lot of different things. It's whatever, because at least it's fall, and I got paid for my vacation and I'm submitting my applications to grad school on Friday and so many good things will be happening in the future - hopefully all of them involving Dave and my fur coat in some way. For now, I need hand lotion because I am an alligator and I want to make these things:

Spiced Pork with a Bourbon Reduction Sauce:

Honey-Mustard Pork Tenderloin with Kale
(but minus the kale, because yuck):

Cafe au Lait Angel Food Cake:

Oh my gawd. This weekend the Southwest Pinto Bean burgers came out really well and I made my own chipotle sauce (instead of chipotle mayo, because ew) using:

- 1 6 oz container of nonfat plain Greek yogurt
- 1 chipotle in adobo, minced, plus 1/2 T adobo sauce
- 1/2 T mayo, or maybe 1 T, I don't know
- salt, pepper, cumin to taste
- 1/2 t minced garlic

It ruled on the burgers and on the sweet potato fries I made. Saturday, I made grilled cheese with Italian wheat bread, sharp provolone, sliced tomatoes and homemade lower-calorie basil pesto (from Cooking Light mag). It was awesome, but fuck basil is expensive. After that, I made
Maple-Walnut Spice Cookies using the leftover walnuts from my pesto. They rocked. Sunday morning, I made pumpkin pancakes using a recipe from Allrecipes. First time I used vinegar in pancakes, which I was slightly concerned about. They were good, but I had to add a lot more almond milk because the batter was THICK at first and they weren't cooking all the way through. Also, next time I'd want a little more pumpkin flavor. I should probably invest in pumpkin extract. Or something.